February 22, 2014

caps and cams

Hi there friends! I've been a good girl lately, though you wouldn't know it, as I have been all over the place these last couple weeks. Here's some things that have happened!

Breakups and Visits- 

I've had a few people from my past visit this month and it's all been pretty positive. A friend from Jersey just left last night, they were visiting for the Tranny Awards and the surrounding madness. It was positive, and I think i'm in a better headspace than the last time they visited, when I first moved to LA I lost touch a little bit, I let things goto my head. Not too much but enough to notice, I think I've come back to earth a bit, less manic, more focused. Keeping in touch with friends on this site has helped ground me for sure.

A different friend whom I care about dearly (you've seen some of their pics on this site) just left LA for greener pastures. I miss them already, we seem to randomly reconnect every few years like that Rentals song we love. It was Christmas when they wandered back into my life this time, I take care of their nappy needs, we cuddle, but it's more about companionship than a sexual drive. It wasn't all goodtimes, we enabled each others addictive nature, we have a history of getting fucked up together, and for that, I'm secretly glad for their change of scenery. I love this person, I really do, but sometimes you just have to smile and wave goodbye. I still harbor some resentment over things between us in the distant past, and that's not healthy. I'd like to think we had a positive relationship but "toxic" is probably closer to the truth. Relationships and Riley may be close in the dictionary, but they hardly seem to go together... someday I'll be ready.

CapCon 2014
Very excited about this event, it'll be my 3rd year going and presenting. I'm going to be doing a storytime as well as a live version of "Riley Kilo's Crinkle Quiz", a gameshow for littles and diapered folks, it's going to be lots of crinkly fun. I highly recommend getting your butt to Chicago this April, you can register at ChicagoAgePlayers.com, and Fetlife has a very active group for CAP.

RileyCam 2074

First off I'd like to say, after recently finishing both the Mass Effect Trilogy and the recent Battlestar Galactica remake that they're incredibly similar stories, and if you like one, you'll probably like the other. Moving on, I have been camming my cute little butt off lately, it's been fun, just uploaded some new stuff to staykinky. I've also been streaming some Hearthstone, I'll post some links when i'm ready to share that with you, i'm still not very good at it but i'm getting better!

Diaper Rash & Doctors (this one's sorta icky)

So I have mentioned some issues with diaper rash recently, I've changed soaps, consistently shaved, stayed out of diapers, tryed different cremes/lotions, got STD tests and obsessed over WebMD. After everything else was inconclusive, I believe i've found the main issue and it's ::sighs:: jock itch. I got some stuff that's supposed to be good for that, it totally makes sense, I'm super active and wear diapers. I can pinpoint one diapered weekend that triggered this whole thing, and I think I've just been treating the symptoms not the problem. I'm writing this because I'm sure I'm not the only person who's had this problem, may switch on a lightbulb for someone else.

I have a Dr. appointment on the 27th of this month (which is my birthday actually) and I'll be getting hormones and an actual primary care doctor. This is the last leg of my physical transition, the final push towards SRS... It shouldn't be long now, and i'm super excited.

So I'll leave you with a couple cute cam pics, and i'll have a new video up pretty soon :) Hugs everyone!!!

January 30, 2014

green room

Hi there! Riley again, nothing too special to share today, just some pics I took while making my last video~ Hope you like them, sleeper stuff coming up next :)

January 28, 2014

Hello Friends

Hi there! I have a new video! It's not much, but it's something little and something cuddly, just like me! Talk soon, and more stuff before you know it!

January 21, 2014

her nappies

Hello friends! This is your babygirl Riley, back from a long cuddly weekend with a Daddy friend. Nothing special, just a little time spent in Venice, the beach in January is one of the loveliest things about LA. We went out one night, and my friend made sure that I had my nappies on as I should. I was dressed in a rather small skirt, so really thick nappies weren't an option. I luckily had a few Abena S2's lying around, so I got one on and we went out for the evening.

It was a nice time, went and saw "Her", which was really cute and I haven't been able to get it out of my head since. Plus, some of the scenes in the movie took place around LA in the near future, and I had been in a few of current time versions of those spots just the night before. It was nice, and by the time we were out I was a pretty soggy girl. I was taken home for a change and a cuddle, I couldn't help but pull up my skirt and show off my crinkles :)

It was a nice time, and a bit of a new years resolution for me. I have been a little shy lately, haven't been snuggling with other diaper girls or daddies, a little girl like me needs lots of snuggles! I guess it's finding a balance between my little side and mommy side, to cuddle and be cuddled. If you're a little in the Los Angeles area, feel free to poke me and say hi :)

Hope all is well, check out the "See me Live" page and look forward to a little video later this week :) Hugs everyone!!!

January 7, 2014

Wet pants girl

Here's a couple snuggle pics, I thought I'd had posted this :/

Cuteness and snuggles soon lovers :) 
Even in low resolution you can still see i'm wet :) 

January 5, 2014

snuggle sessions

I took some pics of my friends crinklebutt! If you're on Fetlife, they're Paddycakes, I'm StayKinky, come say hi :) 

Thanks for all the happy new years thoughts! New posts tomorrow with a couple pics of me (don't want you to fall for some other diapergirl!) and some thoughts about being a mommy, or big sis, or whatever I am to little diapered friends. I've got the sniffles right now though, so I could use a big around to make my chicken soup :P 

Happy first Sunday of the year! Hugs everyone!!!